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Whale (ID: 840643834571390986 Tag: Aesthetic Whale#4849)
Whale was built in order to simplify moderation across multiple Discord servers. A malicious user on a server is a malicious user everywhere else. This is why we created Whale.
Our users love Whale. This is why we decided to add cool features instead of stopping development because the moderation system was done and perfect.


Most of our features are customizable in the config menu.

Auto-Mod and Blacklist

Our bot collects reports from many servers. You can also use the check command to know if an user is blacklisted or not. Malicious users are automatically kicked of you server with the Auto-Ban feature.

Role Menu (Testers Only)

Want to add reaction roles ? You can now do it using the brand new Discord's menus. Cooler no ?


Add a role to a member when he joins the server.

Validation (Beta)

NEW: You can now add captcha to the verification system !
Add a button to get a role. This can be useful in order to make members accept the rules of your server. You can also add the captcha option to increase the protection of your server.

Audio Tickets

Only the music feature is avalaible.
Creates an waiting help vocal channel. When a user connects to the channel, a personalized help channel is created, music is played and a message is sent to the staff chat. When a staff member connects to the custom vocal channel, the user is automatically moved from the waiting channel to the custom channel. Once the is solved the custom vocal channel is deleted as well as the message in the staff channel.


Creates individual ticket channels.


Turns all the message sent in the suggestion channel into an embed with three reactions ("Yes", "No" and "IDK").

Right Click on Messages

Right click on any message, press Apps then select one of these features.


On clicking on Report, a member of your server can report an user’s message to Wave. The content of the message will be sent to our moderation team. (Your moderation team can also receive this report, you can enable it in the config.)


Just press Slash on your keyboard and here is the list of our commands !

Remove Channels

Allows you to delete multiple channels with the same name at the same time.


Allows you to acts more quickly and notifies the banned user.


Allows you to add an emoji from another server to yours.


Sends a report message to our team. If the user is blacklisted due to this report and your server has enabled Auto-Ban it will be banned.


Pings a random member of your server (bots are excluded). In order to permform this command, you need the permission to mention @everyone.


Sends a report message to our team (and to your moderators if you configured the report feature). If the user is blacklisted due to this report and your server has enabled Auto-Ban it will be banned.


Allows you to lock/unlock a channel.
By locking a channel, you forbid users to send messages and add reactions in it.


Erases up to 100 messages at a time.


Warn an user. An user is banned from your server if he is warned 5 times.
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